Saturday, January 30, 2016

What is it about honey?

There is a great deal to learn about international policies.
Most of that information there is no real need for
you have to dig in.

It is about honey.
Honey, in my house, is local.
It tends to be expensive,
local honey just is.
It is our family cure for allergies.
We used to purchase the local fall honey for the winter
and then pray we have had enough to help with
my family's incredible allergies.

Now that we are "settled", the thought was that we could do without the local stuff.
So much cheaper to purchase at Sam's or Costco or the commissary.
We plunked down the bucks for local honey
and then bought some "store bought" bear honey :)
for everyday use.

Today, this article showed up on my feed.
Without forcing you to read for yourself
it turns out
China has been dumping honey on our markets.
They are attempting to crash our markets
and have been for many years.
The honey has been ultra pasteurize
and has no medicinal value.

We use honey in many ways.
One way is to help with cuts and burns
the spores help with the healing.
If they are not present....

Not only is Chinese honey ultra pasteurized
it also contains many contaminations
that are illegal in the US.
They get away with that by shipping their honey to India,
and shipping it here to sell.
Evidently, that is not something the FDA has any interest in monitoring.

Back to local honey.
"Good" honey is also found at Trader Joes
and most Farmer's Markets.
And then there is one producer in ... Kansas!
It is worth the price for liquid gold!

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