Saturday, February 27, 2016

Food Storage #2

We went to see 18 Hours tonight.
After living through an attack,
we could see how all of it could happen.
It makes us hope that Bernie or Rubio makes it to the top.

PTSD returned and we went home to talk about food storage.

Inventory was the word of the day.

No,  my storage is pitiful in comparison with people like this.

We looked at what we have in the house
and what we like to eat.
Really pitiful.

My part of our monthly allowance
was unleashed at this site:
Really, it was way more exciting to me then
 clothes shopping
or shoe shopping.

These people are serious about their food
yet they are practical in promoting it to be used
and rotated.
Of course they are LDS.
There is so much to learn.
These two blogs can drive a person more cans!

If the sun were up, I would probably be outside by the stream.
At least now I will be able to sit in my folding chair with some yummy
freeze dried strawberries
if the grands don't eat them all first!

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