Saturday, April 30, 2016


The front yard is a mess
but that is not my interest
nor my choice for a money hole.

Instead the garden grows on the side of the house.
My husband built a raised garden for me.
My knees are not great these days.
We added twenty bags of dirt and the compost.
He built a cage around it.
It was planted last week. 
Tomatoes, peas, peppers, carrots, spinach.
Just before the rain came.
The peas got fried before the rain appeared.
We may have to reseed in a few weeks.
The pots took on the plants
that love to take space.

Last year the rabbits ate my raspberries and blueberries to the ground.
We caged them in February.
They seem to be making a come back.
Planted garlic in October.
Have no idea when to pick them.
That tall middle tree fell during one of our big winds last month
Now it is curing for next year.

Yes, Spring is finally here!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Earth Day

Making my existence a bit more earth friendly is important.

What happened this year?

We used half the amount of propane for heat this year then last.
Opening and closing blinds at certain times of the day was a major help.

A number of solar lights made it into our lives.

Most of the "regular lamps" are now led.
A solar oven has arrived.
Learning how to use it will be a delight of the summer.
Our garden is up (literally) and running.
The plants that were not sprouted in our kitchen were sprouted by Mrs Yoder in the next community.

The new composter has produced the first batch of soil for the box.
This will be the second time for the local CSA. Yum.
We also have started to purchase all of our eggs, chicken and beef locally.

The stream at the back of our property had bogged in a few places. Some work in the late winter cleared the bogs and the stream is once again flowing properly.
The two of us worked several trail projects for the town. Litter still seems to be a problem in Delaware.

A good start for our new home.
Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

New baby and old traditions.

Our newest grand arrived last week.
She is precious.
She also has joined a household of two rough and ready boys!
Her two year old brother will teach her to jump from anywhere.
Her eight year old brother will teach her to read and do Minecraft.
My life has been put on hold
while I make dinners and rock children to sleep.
It is a good life.

Our religious traditions continue in two weeks.
The eight year old receives Holy Communion.
Four weeks later his sister will be Baptized.
These ceremonies are important to the child
but they are also a long standing part of my family.
The part that brings a tear to my eye
is that we are celebrating these passages
in the same community my father's family celebrated
for several hundred years.
Considering my family has never thought of themselves with long roots,
it is important for me to see they are re established here.

My days are long
but there is nothing like them.
What to do in retirement?
The last is the best for me.