Monday, May 30, 2016

Adjusting to Not Saving

For the last thirty years we have been great savers.
Paid off cars and houses and kid educations
Saved like crazy for retirement.
Invested in the market.
Lived in cash.
Never got a debit card.

At 65 &58 we have to get out of the mode
that every extra penny should be saved
for us.

Neither of us want to travel much
except to see the kids,
and maybe Israel,
and Scotland.
We have the funds to do those,
if we choose.
We saw most of the world that interested us
in our younger years.
Great memories!

We have always used the
"you need about
$250,000 for end of life medical stuff".
We saved that years ago.
That is the base
although both of us agree on DNR
for tough calls.

Both of us want to be cremated.
Something small and peaceful for the family gathering
That eliminates the need for big bucks for funerals.
A bit of savings done there.

We don't, really, have a charity that we are wild about
No need to scrimp for them
The salaries are out of control

We don't want for much.
Actually, I cannot think of anything we are in need of.
Our pension/ SS stash pays all of our bills.
With some left over.

That leaves grandchildren education
and maybe helping with children's houses.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think about helping out in the college saving area for my granddaughters.
Hmmmmmmmmm, indeed!

slugmama said...

I too am trying to wrap my head around not living in Savings Mode shortly once Hubs retires.
It's difficult to fathom and I can imagine once we get to that stage it will be hard to break those long standing saving habits.

I will probably have a panic attack the first pay period that goes by that I don't see a deposit into our account. lolz
But hopefully by the time that occurs we won't be carrying expenses for family other than Hubs and I.

Isn't it fun how life is always changing?

Janette said...

Life is challenging and I love it!