Saturday, May 07, 2016

Mother's Day

We are so blessed to have two wonderful young women
who are having and raising our grandchildren.
They should be celebrated until the cows come home.

My daughter just had her third child.
My hat is now, officially, off for those of you who have raised three (or more) children.
What a balancing act.
With the two of ours- there was always enough hands.
Add that third and you get

Even with me there three days a week
life is sooooo fast paced.
She seems so calm and collected.
She just makes me smile.
Our oldest grandson fell off his bike
After the adults all laughed (in the other room) at how funny the slow motion crash looked
She went in and calmly consoled the hurts.
When I handed her the baby at 12:45 am and proclaimed my night was over because it was 2:45 am in my mind. She nodded (in her sleep) and took the squirming baby.
Last, but not least is her ability to work with Mr Non Stop!

My daughter in law is terrific with an entirely different way of handling things.
She has slowly given into the whims of my husband encouragements of Katie Perry and Frozen.
What a saint.
Our oldest granddaughter tumbles and critics better then any two year old on the earth.
OTOH our grandson is learning how to crawl.
Really, he just wants to race the dog to the couch.
Everyone is in stitches.

Life without these two women would be boring.
They bring joy to all
and they are some of the most thoughtful and loving mothers I have ever known.
Of course---they are ours.
Happy Mothers' Day ladies!

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Kimberly said...

What a beautiful tribute! Happy Mother's Day!