Thursday, June 30, 2016

Changing gears

Delaware brings a completely different lifestyle then we have ever lived before.
We have lived in agricultural areas before, but it was not accessible.
Here we have constant access to farm fresh foods.

Haass' Butcher has meat that is locally grown
and processed in the market
behind a windowed, refrigerated room.
The owners are not Amish,
but all of the workers are.
We have enjoyed some of the best meats ever
through their work.
We are finding that a little meat goes a very long way
when it is local and fresh.
There is also an Amish market in town.
They bring most of their things in from Lancaster,
but the baked goods are done on site.
We no longer eat a great deal of bread, but this is the place to go if we wanted some.
We also buy the majority of our plants at the Bazaar outside.

The best find of all is Fifer Farms.
Learning how to can and dehydrate foods has become my hobby.
Something I have always wanted to do.
Fifer Farm makes it easy.
Today I cut up a flat of "old seconds" strawberries.
They are the end of the crop and super cheap. 
Drying half and making jam out of the rest.
I am on the search for the perfect berry jam recipe.

Here is this week's bounty from the Fifer CSA.

Starting my tart cherry pie filling
Right now!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

One thousand posts

It has been a busy day. 
A flat of Strawberries were purchased last Saturday. 
Since then the kitchen has been a buzz of canning, dehydrating, and baking. 

Seems like "doing" has been happening a great deal lately.
Library and park with the grandsons.
Rocking the baby to sleep.
Face-timing our other grands.

Talking on the phone with best friend, mom and sister.
Evening chats with my husband.
Walks with the dogs.
Watering the garden.

All very normal things for a retired person.

Tonight I looked back at my very first posts.

We were living in Kansas.
Our daughter was just joining the AirForce.
Our son was finishing up at West Point.
We had no daughter or son in laws. 
No grandchildren. I already worried about "being there for them."
My dad was still alive.
Frequent flyer miles were burned on my many trips. 
He was close to the end.
Gosh I miss him.
Classrooms had just re entered my life.
My older sister was my close friend.
I was slowly reconnecting to my husband.

My life has changed.

Most significant change is having grandchildren.
What an amazing experience.

Worry is rarely in my vocabulary anymore.
Somehow I just let it go.
Gosh, worry used to take up so much space.

Happiness is much more my state of mind.
What a relief 
after worrying for years if I would ever be happy.

My daughter and I have moved from a parent/child relationship to a friendship. The same has happened with my own mother. My younger sister & sister in law have become closer to me as of late.
All good things.
There is something important about family ties.
My older sister no longer speaks to me.
Sad, but that is the way it is.
Occasionally lamenting will tip toe in.
Anxiety does appear in new situations.
Learning to just tell people 
helps it just be what it is.
But not worry.

A Thousand Posts.
A journal of my journey.
Thanks for sharing it with me.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Raised garden with protection!

Scott created this 12'x3' raised garden area.
We have many deer who come up from the creek and eat anything tender. 
Caging of the garden was the idea of a gentleman down the street.

Each six foot fence can be removed for gardening.
He chose to gain support against the wind by securing each section together.

What a treat!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Scary travel part 1

There have been a few times in which scary came too close in my life.
A few almost car crashes are in the pile.

My out of the ordinary scary
are close to my heart.

On my way to Vietnam,
before it was open to US citizens,
a friend and I traveled there on an odd plane.
Wish I had taken a picture.
I was told that it was the Soviet version of a DC-3
The interior was wooden
wooden, with round port holes
like a ship's cabin.
It was a tail dragger.
This was 1991
not 1957.

We got on.
Weird, but looked OK

A man got on right after us.
He had a very large soft pack
which he crammed under his two seats.

My friend, a young mother
and the daughter of someone who served in Vietnam,
asked the young man
what was so important that he had to carry it on.

"Well, mam, It is my
These things go down regularly."

Glad the ride was a bit under an hour!

A walk around the gardens

My thumb would be considered mossy.
Not green, not brown
This is the second dampest place we have ever lived.
Hong Kong was much warmer and damper.
What is growing in my yard helps me understand
how all those farms can grow crops
without the use of "brought in" water.

 Blue berries on the rise.
The other bush was not well secured and every blue berry was plucked last night!
 Wild Peppermint
 Year one of raspberries. That little creature? Friend or foe?
 First of the squash
 Chocolate mint! Yes!
 The tomatos are taking over- as they always do.
 My daily breakfast. Five to ten leaves a day keeps the doctor away.

 That downed tree a few months ago.  The jungle has taken over.

 I haven't decided about the vines on this tree.

 We took out half of this bush last week.
 The ants were using it as a ladder.  It seems the bush agreed.
Me thinks someone got them as a gift and stuck them in the ground before a frost.

 The roses were cut way back this winter.
Seems they liked it.
 Lavender was also cut way back- from underneath.
This plant was "dead" before the trimming.
New life!
 My tree man keeps the back of the property safe.
Third batch of dehydrating local strawberries. Sweetest bunch yet!