Saturday, June 04, 2016

A walk around the gardens

My thumb would be considered mossy.
Not green, not brown
This is the second dampest place we have ever lived.
Hong Kong was much warmer and damper.
What is growing in my yard helps me understand
how all those farms can grow crops
without the use of "brought in" water.

 Blue berries on the rise.
The other bush was not well secured and every blue berry was plucked last night!
 Wild Peppermint
 Year one of raspberries. That little creature? Friend or foe?
 First of the squash
 Chocolate mint! Yes!
 The tomatos are taking over- as they always do.
 My daily breakfast. Five to ten leaves a day keeps the doctor away.

 That downed tree a few months ago.  The jungle has taken over.

 I haven't decided about the vines on this tree.

 We took out half of this bush last week.
 The ants were using it as a ladder.  It seems the bush agreed.
Me thinks someone got them as a gift and stuck them in the ground before a frost.

 The roses were cut way back this winter.
Seems they liked it.
 Lavender was also cut way back- from underneath.
This plant was "dead" before the trimming.
New life!
 My tree man keeps the back of the property safe.
Third batch of dehydrating local strawberries. Sweetest bunch yet!


Kimberly said...

So impressed! Is that vine Bittersweet? We are battling it here. While it is pretty, it is so invasive and poisonous. So we battle on. How do you keep deer out of your garden? We thought about putting one in as we redo our landscaping, but realized there would be nothing left for us after the deer came through on their daily migrations.

Janette said...

I have no clue what the vine is. Delaware has a law that you cannot do ANYTHING within 25 yards of a waterway. We have to leave the jungle alone.
Scott built a raised garden for me. The deer/rabbits ate everything I planted last year. One of the elderly neighbors had this elaborate cage system. I'll put up pictures of what Scott came up with. I am not willing to keep the wildlife out of my yard- so I work around them :)