Thursday, June 30, 2016

Changing gears

Delaware brings a completely different lifestyle then we have ever lived before.
We have lived in agricultural areas before, but it was not accessible.
Here we have constant access to farm fresh foods.

Haass' Butcher has meat that is locally grown
and processed in the market
behind a windowed, refrigerated room.
The owners are not Amish,
but all of the workers are.
We have enjoyed some of the best meats ever
through their work.
We are finding that a little meat goes a very long way
when it is local and fresh.
There is also an Amish market in town.
They bring most of their things in from Lancaster,
but the baked goods are done on site.
We no longer eat a great deal of bread, but this is the place to go if we wanted some.
We also buy the majority of our plants at the Bazaar outside.

The best find of all is Fifer Farms.
Learning how to can and dehydrate foods has become my hobby.
Something I have always wanted to do.
Fifer Farm makes it easy.
Today I cut up a flat of "old seconds" strawberries.
They are the end of the crop and super cheap. 
Drying half and making jam out of the rest.
I am on the search for the perfect berry jam recipe.

Here is this week's bounty from the Fifer CSA.

Starting my tart cherry pie filling
Right now!

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Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Fortunate you!
The strawberries look the best.