Saturday, June 04, 2016

Scary travel part 1

There have been a few times in which scary came too close in my life.
A few almost car crashes are in the pile.

My out of the ordinary scary
are close to my heart.

On my way to Vietnam,
before it was open to US citizens,
a friend and I traveled there on an odd plane.
Wish I had taken a picture.
I was told that it was the Soviet version of a DC-3
The interior was wooden
wooden, with round port holes
like a ship's cabin.
It was a tail dragger.
This was 1991
not 1957.

We got on.
Weird, but looked OK

A man got on right after us.
He had a very large soft pack
which he crammed under his two seats.

My friend, a young mother
and the daughter of someone who served in Vietnam,
asked the young man
what was so important that he had to carry it on.

"Well, mam, It is my
These things go down regularly."

Glad the ride was a bit under an hour!

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