Monday, August 29, 2016

Dehydrating, Canning and Summer. Oh MY!

I am not known for my homemaking skills.
Quick and easy.
Meals, cleaning, painting, dog care
Fast is better.
The only things I knew how to make when I married were:
Mac and Cheese, Brownies and hamburgers.
My menu did expand in the next 33 years,
but not much.

Moving to Delaware we found ourselves living close to
one of the largest producers of fruit in the area.
First we bought the pies.
 Blueberry Lemonbrickle.
Then my daughter wanted to pick strawberries.
Have you seen the price of freeze dried strawberries?

Decided to use my husband's jerky dehydrator
and save some for winter..

It became an obsession!
At home my husband was building a deer and mole proof garden for me.
Tomatoes have been grown every summer of our marriage.
This year they will be safe.

Then blueberry season hit!
Blueberries do not dry well.
Maybe I can make jam? Compote? Preserves?
The obsession began.
 The water bath was purchased from the commissary.
The canning of jam began- strawberry and blueberry.
Finding recipes with little sugar was key
since my grands will be the ones enjoying them.
I thought, "Good summer" and put everything away.

 Then my garden went crazy.
Eating spinach every morning
waiting for the tomatoes to come on.
Come they did!
Out came the canner
And dehydrator for the zucchini and squash.

The local orchard had peaches and finally apples.
Canning went into full swing.
 Here is a very small part of what was canned this season.
We cannot wait to open the Bozzy Peaches.

Summer is closing

And the horned worms are eating my tomatoes now.

Hibiscus are putting on their last blooms.

Slowly I am excepting that canning season is coming to a close.
This should be a wonderful winter of goodies.
From a city girl,
that is a very big thing.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks yummy, Janette. Good for you!

Barbara said...

I wish I were a canner like you. Your jars look wonderful and will be even better on a cold, snowy day.

Pam said...

Wow! I can't even guess how many pounds of food you put away. It's funny, but now that I'm retired, I've enjoyed gardening more. We grow strawberries and blackberries and I always make freezer jam from those. Next year, I'd like to start canning tomatoes. When I was young, my mom and grandmas canned most of veggies that we ate. It's a lot of work, but it's rewarding and the food tastes better, too. I'll bet your grandkids will love the jam!

Janette said...

Thanks ladies.
Pam, the canning is so much fun. What I am really waiting for is the taste of home grown tomatoes in the winter!