Friday, September 09, 2016

And the finances settle in

We have been here a year.
The oldest car was sold
a new one came home.
The motorcycle was sold,
a tiny car came home.

We built a workshop
which is well loved and used.
Garden is in.

We still need to redo the bathroom
but most everything else is done.

Our budget now has lots of "envelopes" of savings.
These are all virtual accounts.
Since the interest rate is near zero- we don't worry of there isn't enough for interest.
They are:
Car replacement (at zero right now)
Equipment replacement
       one never knows when the dishwasher will die.
Doggies and propane (they seem to alternate)
This and that for the house
Grandchildren's education

We have our regular bills-
electricity (we pay about 1/2 of what we paid in Kansas)
Amazon books
Gas and maintenance for the cars

It is nice to finally be in a time and space where the income and out go are close to the same.
At this point, although we are not near seven figures in savings,
I think we will be fine for the next twenty years.
Knock on wood!


Anonymous said...

I'm knocking on wood too!
Good job!

Tom Sightings said...

Sounds like you've got things pretty well worked out. I am especially impressed with how well organized you are!

Janette said...

I had to figure it out so I could relax and just enjoy our lives!

Janette said...

Thanks for stopping by and looking in !

Barbara Torris said...

Janette, I know you will be okay because you only spend what you have and even less. But, just in case, good luck and enjoy each and every day. :)