Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stocking up!

This time of year is when I hit the Dollar Store and Walmart.
Stocking up for the "day packages" that we give out.

What is inside?
Chemical hand warmers and stretch gloves
toothbrush and paste
small bar soap
cracker packet (like peanut butter crackers)
socks and
a dollar.

If I find good sales, I also stock up on:
winter hats,
more socks,
coffee packets,

On Black Friday I always pray that JC Pennys will have their coats on sale.
I try to get some in the medium kid size.
They are great to take to schools in January.

Every little bit helps.
It gets mighty cold here.
I just keep them in my front seat.
Every homeless person is a person first.

This year there is a particular Salvation Army we plan on giving lots of these things to.
We know someone, who chooses to be homeless at this point, who uses their showers.
We are going to do towels and sheets for them.

Do you have suggestions?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quiet night with an almost full moon

The family has been here for the weekend
A three year old can drive the entire household crazy
But mostly we were laughing.

Haven't turned on the news much
Tired of the violence and mean speak

Full moon tomorrow
that explains everything!

Rearranging my retirement portfolio

Yes, it is that time of year for me.
There were already some big moves for me
and they will continue.
Not a financial planner- to say the least,
but a stock picker for sure.

Tesla. Gosh, gotta love that founder.
Sometimes a dreamer needs as much backing as s/he can get.
Love his passive solar and batteries.
And Mars- something for my grands to dream about.

Cardinal Health has been through the ringer
Hope it comes out the other end.
Maybe Ford will start making US autos again-
that would be nice.

Looking for companies that put money into inner city projects
It would be nice to invest in Baltimore
but their mayor just gave a huge contract
to a German company
with no real care for the unemployed in the area.
I'll have to look further.

Love the rails. Wish BSN had not been purchased by Buffett
He pushed out the small investor for his mega hedge fund.
Maybe Canadian Pacific?

Have no interest in solar mirrors
 (reflecting heat back into the atmosphere is not a great idea).
Wind energy- nothing like killing off migrating birds.
Those wind areas are the flight paths.

Maybe if we put a bit into updating nuclear.
Hummm- that might be an area to look into.

Elder care robots....

Seems I have lots of research to do.

I feel confident in this type of market.
Invest in the US.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Silent Majority

What an election.
It was one of the toughest I have ever witnessed--or read about.
Now my prayers begin again
in earnest.
Term limits and getting rid of the electoral college should be priorities.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Sunday, November 06, 2016

First day of fall back-Political

We were up at 4:30 am with the dogs
Their usual 5:30 wake up
was just as dark.
A warm breeze,
Hooting owl
and clear sky
met us at the door.

I am not getting much sleep these days
Cannot say I am worried
just sad.
Politics has always been amazing to me
How our country runs,
who runs it
and why.

In the past,
I felt that politics was mostly about an ideal
Who feels they could possibly
do the best for us
in their way.

I had that same ideal about large companies
health care systems
and even banks.

I knew banks were in trouble when my small country bank
sold off our loan to a broker.

I knew health care was in trouble when
my daughter got a bill
for an operation
when the hospital did not know she had coverage.
She was never admitted to the floor
had her appendix removed
in the ER
and she was discharged a few hours later.

My suspect of large companies
came when we lived in China and met
the people making Barbies
and polluting the rivers with plastics
and air with chemicals.
Something was wrong, very wrong.
We love those plastics and we will do anything
not to have them produced here.

And now I feel we have no champion.

How strange it feels
to have the same people
who complained about a millionaire businessman running for President
four years ago
championing a woman who has become almost a billionaire
by speaking and selling favors.
The same group who defies logic
of saying a man who says mean things
is worse then a man who lost his law license
for abuse of women.

Then there is the other side
a man who cannot keep his mouth shut
who is barbaric in his manners
even if he is wealthier then the greatest of anyone I know.
I think he joined the race on a lark
maybe even a bet
but here he is
bumbling through.

Will either protect us
I mean the "real" us?
I am taking my chances- and voting for the one who I do not know
over the one I know all too well.

The sadness comes
I see no protection for the ground swell.
Will either do anything for the poor?
or the wicked?
or the religious?
or the overly violent?
or the overly sexed?
or the oppressed?
Probably not

We will simply muddle through another four years
and drool over TV shows that show exactly what we cry against.

After Tuesday,
Just going to fall back
and see what happens
Disturbing, really, disturbing.
I think I will binge watch
Better to watch a country
who accepts that they are under the rule of the elite
then to live in one that pretends
we are not.