Friday, December 16, 2016

Rounding up the ends

I am one of those few people who will admit that they LOVE Black Friday.
There are a few things that are significantly less on that day.
Next year, with old brick and mortar stores closing, it might not be as fun.

Today I dropped off some of my last finds.
Take a hint from me and indulge in this find next year.
Kid coast go on sale on Black Friday.
Last year my budget allowed for ten of them.

This year it was fifteen.
If you take up my challenge,
just dropped them off at the elementary and middle schools.
Kids will be warmer and so will you.

Lots of books under the tree this year.
My oldest grand is quite a reader.
He finds his "core reading" at the library.
We fill him in with humor and mystery.

And then there are a few great Pirate books.
Having a grand who is old enough to enjoy
such things is a pleasure.

My inventory of "stuff for winter" is completed and filled in.
We are ready to begin to enjoy some of the summer harvest
in pies, stews and cobblers while it is snowing.
The wealth of fresh will help the days go ever faster.

Tomorrow we begin the end of the year look back
and budget for next year.
Without actual income coming in anymore,
the looks are a bit tighter,
but never too tight for one more

Almost Winter Solstice, then Christmas, then New Years.
The ends are almost complete.

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