Monday, January 16, 2017

Remembering Martin Luther King

I was young, very young, when Martin Luther King spoke and changed the world.
One might think that a middle class six year old white kid would not have memories of such days.
You might also think that Phoenix was such a wonderful mix
that the speeches and actions made no difference.
You would be wrong.

My dad was a news person.
I remember watching the news with him
every evening in the den.
My Dad made sure that, those of us who were interested,
heard and saw everything.
We were not shielded.

JFK being shot,
the War
The LBJ speeches

I remember sitting in front of the black and white

I remember watching the people being attacked with dogs.
I remember Dad "swearing" as people were hurt for their rights.

And I remember "the Speech".

I remember going to "South Phoenix" with him
to help in the Churches "down there" when people,
mostly of Hispanic and a few Black,
We also helped the police who attempted to separate the protesters from the disrupters.
Keep in mind, I was six.

When I was seven he made sure we all went to JFK's grave
I remember standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
and looking out
and being amazed
that it is where Dr King spoke.
A little kid
looking at the expanse
of where once stood a great man
and so many people.

It formed me.
At seven.
It is why I taught for 30 years.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Moving forward- again

End of the year review of finances
The first year after a move
always seems to be so expensive.
Glad that part is finally done and the house is in shape.

We started a savings category for re roofing the house,
making the master bath handicapped accessible,
and replacing the refrigerator
in the next few years.
We have tried to save for that type of expense in small accounts:
Car account (was emptied in June and is beginning to refill),
Large house repairs,
Filling the propane,
Yes, we have an emergency fund
but none of these are emergencies and we like to pay cash.
Plan ahead.

Our allowance system seems to be working well.
Our groceries are a bit out of control,
but now that we are settled
and I have figured out a food bank/household budget,
it will come into control.

I will be doing my trips to see mom four times a year
starting next month.
That usually wipes out the travel account.
Phoenix is not a cheap place.
Thinking about using air bnb to establish a relationship
with someone who wants to share their house
four times a year for a week.
I hate to give the hotels that kind of money for a place to just sleep in.
Maybe I can help someone make their mortgage!

On another note

There was lots of time of emoting these last few months
Many posts were written and not published
We lost a very good friend over the election
I can only be called a hateful, bigoted, deplorable so many times.
There are many reasons to vote for or against people.
Tolerance is simply not in some people's vocabulary
at least tolerance for ALL people- not just the causes they champion.
I have never felt incapable of putting out my POV until now.
Sad really. Sad.

And so, we move forward.
The homeless still need to be fed.
The grands still need to be held.
The kids still need to be moved across country
Friends still need comfort when their children are in a mess.
I have miles to walk before I sleep.