Sunday, March 12, 2017

Travel in retirement

Bob, Satisfying Retirement, asked about travel this year.
Laura, The Occasional Nomad, is about to take a trip
(and loves to plan a secret trip out for the future).

We have had our share of passports

We have lived "Stateside" for twenty years now.
I have not renewed my passport.
Our last duty station was a "blast" literally.
going overseas again has been outside of my comfort zone.

My 60th birthday is this year
My younger sister suggested we travel.
She is a travel queen right now.
She may hit every continent
and then some
before her 60th.

First, I thought Prague. 

Those castles and cobble stones.
Then, in my dreams I could not get home.
Woke up and my PTSD scratched that off the list.

Maybe Hawaii.

I haven't been in a few years and would enjoy the beach
and the pineapple,
and the shopping.
We both have been too many times.
Now the contest is between two places
New York City (and area north)

my son will be living near there
and my sister knows it well
maybe I could learn some things?

Walking Hadrian's Wall in England.

I am not in shape
at all
It is 30 miles of hills
It will be cold at the end of September

What do you think? Should I renew that Blue?


Laura said...

You should always keep your passport updated, and with the State Department currently being decimated, it may take longer than you think to get a new one.

The walk across England sounds lovely, but I am out of shape as well and could not do it. Everyone I have ever known who's gone to Prague raved about it. But, there's nothing wrong with NYC either. I will be waiting for your big reveal!

Janette said...

I hadn't taken in the consideration of the wait time for a passport. Guess I had better get my act together and do that soon!
Thanks for your comment Laura and enjoy your trip!

Barbara - said...

Yes!!!it can take an inordinate amount of time to get a passport these days. Also, even if I never leave the US again, the passport is the ultimate identification (although I live in a state with the new Driver's licenses. I still remember when I was working and filling ou t those I9 forms. A passport is a substitute for three or four other pieces of identification.

Barbara - said...

I should add that Prague is the only place in Europe that I went once in the same tour, and it is on my very short list again-along with Budapest and St Petersburg. My priest went on the wall walk this summer as part of her sabbatical-but she is a walker by nature, ususally getting her tent housand steps in a day.

Karen Mundie said...

I am 70 years old and walked the full 84 miles of Hadrian's wall last summer. It was a lovely long walk, and mostly easy --if you walk regularly now. You don't have to be in great shape, but you do need fairly easy mobility. Only one day was at all difficult and that because of a combination of rain and a section of trail that was a bit up and down. You can choose how many days you want to devote to the walk-- I think five to seven days is pretty average. I walked it in seven, a very very leisurely pace. September is late, however, and likely to be chilly as well as wet.

Karen M

Janette said...

Thank you for your input Karen. I am a bit concerned about the weather. I am used to "cool and wet" but my walking partner is from Phoenix. I will share your insight with her.