Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Family, friends and summertime

Summer is flying by.
Sometimes sitting on the couch seems like a waste of time
but then a day of people comes along.

What has filled my summer?
My son moved across country with his family.
Ten days and two 400 mile trips up and back.
Seeing our grandchildren again--priceless!
Hikes in New York are fun.

My good friend came in from Kansas to play.
500 miles by car and 26 miles by foot in five days.
I once wondered if I could walk Hadrian's Wall in September,
and put if off for a year.
I should have gone for it.

The garden went nuts growing.
And then the invasions began.
Japanese beetles, Horned worms and blight!  Blight!
Still, there are about one hundred tomatoes on the vine,

the red peppers are beginning to turn and the summer squash has all been eaten.
The raspberry bushes look good. They should produce next year.
I know that next year there will only be three tomato plants, no exceptions.
Amish Paste, for sure.
The watering at 5 am continues. Fifer farm provides everything else that is canned :)

A high school friend's hubby found a job about 50 miles from my house.
Who knew that one day we would both be in Delaware.
Several days of entertaining and house looking. Life is good.

Weekly trips to see the "local" grands are pretty limited. I miss the babies.
Our trips to the pool have been few and the park is missing us.

Our old dog (13) continues to get older- having "opps a poopie" about once a week.
She can barely get up without help.
Dread is moving into my life.
We do not hang on to our dogs, submitting them to treatments while they are in pain.
As mean as it sounds as I write it down.

School shopping has begun.
My grandson will reenter public school this year
and his school turned over almost every intermediate teacher.
School shopping for me included a cool set of things for the teachers.
What a blast!

What are you doing with your summer? One more month!

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