Monday, August 07, 2017

If you had the money for only one (First World Problem)

We are in a nice house
that needs remodeling and curtains and flooring and....
well, you get the idea.

It is the perfect size for this stage in life.
We are not "attached" to our houses
They are not us
They are a place to make a home
and this feels like home
a bit stripped down
but home.

It could really use a Master  upgrade
* Million gallon jacuzzi tub turned into a walk in shower,
* wood flooring through out
* good lighting
* curtains
* a real closet.

We are really enjoying traveling with our children's families
We shoulder much of the costs since
* we remember how devastating vacations are on a family budget
* life is so much better shared.

What to do?
This house will be our home for at least five more years
possibly ten.
Maybe less.
There is a ton of new housing in our area
and ours is totally outdated---but it has the best acreage in the area
and is one of the only ranch style houses in this area.
we are not getting any younger
At 67 and almost  60,
we realize that we want to leave the memories

and still be able to function at the house....



Terra Hangen said...

If you have to choose, traveling with family sounds like a great path to continue doing. Can you be content to make one improvement at a time, and thus less disruptive and not as much of a big all at once expense. Your house looks pretty.

Barbara - said...

If it were I, I would do only those things that might affect safety or well being, which probably means the shower at some point. Other than that, spend on the experience. But that's me. and we are all different.

Unknown said...

I would get the new laminate flooring that is on the market right now. It's more affordable, wears well, some are waterproof and many look fantastic. We just put it down n our den and I regret that I put real wood in the living room now. The laminate looks so.much.better!
I would also get curtains, because that's affordable also.
I'd find an alternative to the closet. Perhaps buy a used armoire (and paint it if needed)
As for the jacuzzi, I have one of those and I love it. I MUST have it because of my arthritis. Ripping it out and putting in a shower would be very, very cost prohibitive for us. Since you are only going to be at this home for another 5 years, installing a shower may not be cost effective. Nor is it worth the thousands and thousands of dollars you will need to upgrade it. Just my two cents.
The laminate flooring will modernize the home for sure!
I'd do the curtains next but I would look at discount stores first in order to save money. Good deals could be found at Goodwill or thrift shops too.
Good luck!

Practical Parsimony said...

I would choose the travel. I hate the word "outdated" when talking about homes. If the house functions, it is not outdated. The newest item is not necessarily the best. Lighting would be the easiest to do. I need more light as I get older. Curtains don't have to be costly. The shower and carpet removal will be lengthy and messy. The closet is probably a real, life-altering need. Whatever you do, I would keep up the travel with family.

Anonymous said...

Upgrading HQ from degree 6 to 7 because of stone lack.

Kimberly said...

Shared experiences are the best, but costly. I think we've decided to alternate years on family vacations and upgrades to the house. So this year, our expenditures have been the house, although even going to visit our parents, kids and grands these days adds up. We keep putting off putting in that big tub! When you figure out that elusive fine line...let us know!

Janette said...

How about you come and get our huge tub! We need a reasonable roll in shower. After one hip surgery, we learned.

Tom Sightings said...

Agree, experiences over housing upgrades. But ... you want good lighting so you can see what you're doing and don't trip and fall.