Monday, November 13, 2017

A wedding and two funerals.

The phone began to ring a few months ago with news that my nephew (47) is marrying, for the first time, in Pennsylvania on my sister's anniversary. Can they come to "stage" at our house? Sure. It isn't an issue. Love my husband's family to pieces and would be delighted to do anything for/with them.  We prepared early. Beds were readied, blankets were fluffed and life was humming.

Then my son called. My daughter in law's best friend (31) had passed away from brain cancer. They would have a memorial service near the end of the month on the other side of the country. Could I come to his house and watch the kids while he taught and she traveled?  Sure. It isn't an issue. Great kids. Love my daughter in law to pieces and would do anything for the family.

Then my daughter called. Her father in law (53) passed away while herding cattle. Could we watch the older (4&10) boys while they traveled to my son in law's home to take care of things- from burying his father to beginning the estate? His parents have been divorced for many years. There was no will and son in law (30) is the oldest. Sure. As long as it does not overlap, it would be fine. Great kids. Love my son in law to pieces and would do anything for the family.

Novemeber has always been a crazy month.
My sister and brother in law were married 39 years ago. My nephew was to be married on the same date.
My father passed away 11 years ago. My daughter in law's friend will be remembered on the same date as his funeral.
My son in law's father passed away the same day as their wedding was announced, 11 years ago.

Reminders to me.
Remember to say, "I love you" every time you part from a loved one. My sister in law announced years ago that we are to say it at the end of every call. It is habit now. I am so glad we started.
Do a will!!!! Urge your children, brothers and sisters to do a will. Do a simple will if nothing else. Say good bye to your family in small ways. Make sure there is enough money to bury you somewhere that the family can get to.
Always have more blankets and extra coats. You never know when a 20degree day will show up in the middle of a beautiful fall.
Always be open. Life is fleeting.
I am SO thankful to be retired.
Even if I am tired again :)

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Tom Sightings said...

Sorry to hear of your losses . . . but thanks for the reminders, things we should all do either right away, or every day.