Sunday, December 31, 2017

Some things will change. Some will stay the same.

The year of staying put
But plenty of change

Our sons were the maker of change in 2017
Our son moved his family from the West Coast to the East 
He will be the shared source of change next year again
adding another child to his family.
What ever happened to family names?
Still, one last whiff of newborn 
I love this little one already!

Our son in law moved on to a better job
Thank the Lord
The end of the year ended badly though
His 53 year old father passed away.

As sad as that is, it is worse because there is no will
and probate court is not a farmer's friend.
We feel helpless as we listen to a 30 year old 
trying to figure out the law from a different state
and how to keep cattle alive in the bitter cold.

We have decided, for sure, that we will not move again 
for ten years
(famous last words at our table).
So, the bathroom will get done this year.

And the travel from the local Air Force base will also happen
maybe in the fall of 2018
Maybe Europe
Maybe Hawaii
Maybe we will leave for elections
since our vote does not really count 
because the one big city in our state decides all.

We will not get another dog 
for at least a year.
We miss our Shepherd 
our Jack Russel misses her more
but the Jack is easier to find someone to stay with

We may get an Alexa
Enough said?

We did get a rowing machine
And now our records are all out of their hiding places
so we can row to OUR music of old
When did WE get old?
It has been 30 years since I listened to the White Album
and we have a new turn table
who knew????

We will continue to save
when we are not on the road
and when we want to
our spending will equal our income
(including that $300 yearly tax break).

I need to find a good volunteer gig
Now that the grands are starting in school
there has to be someplace real to spend my time.
Maybe the newborns at the hospital
Maybe driving Amish families to the hospital
Maybe working more hours at the food pantry.

Even my friends who just moved to Southern Delaware 
have found more community then I have.
UGG! It IS me, not the area.

We are going to visit Phoenix
at least twice next year
and hear my mother say
we never come to see her anymore.

Otherwise, things will stay the same
I will still snore
We will stay married
We will watch movies about three times a week
I will, attempt to, catch up with my husband's two book a week reading habit
I'll probably put another 15000 miles on my car 
seeing my grands several times a month
(that may, again, put a cramp on the reading)

How about the train?
I hear Grand Central can be my friend.
Since we got kicked off our flight from Disney
and took a 17 hour train ride back to Baltimore
trains have lost some of their mystery. 
But that was then and this is now.

I love the New Year.
I really do.
So much to look forward to.
Hope you are ready,
I sure am!
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Stockings are hung

Enjoy the HolyDays!
And if it isn't your holy day time, 
Enjoy the beautiful weather :)