Monday, January 22, 2018

Sometimes I need a reference point.

Here is a great article 
about retirement income
that helped me understand where we stood.
What is the Average Retirement Income 2017 (Mean)?
 What is the Median Retirement Income 2017?
As you can see in the table below, 
median income is always lower and 
is probably closer to the reality for most households of retirement age.
You may have also noticed that 
average retirement income 2017 
varies significantly by the age of the head of household.
  Household incomes decline the older they become.
                          Median Income.  Mean Income

Households Aged 55-64     $62,802.     $89,986

Households Aged 65-74:    $47,432.     $68,905

Households Aged 75 &up   $30,635.     $45,989

SOURCE: Data is summarized from the US Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey(CPS) Annual Social and Economic (ASEC) Supplement.  The CPS is a joint effort between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.

Don't forget
Mean is all of the incomes added divided by the number of people.
($10,000,000 / 100people would be  $100,000 mean income)

Medium is the middle point of the set
100 people  have incomes from $15,000 to $300,000.
Put everyone on a line and pick the middle person's income.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

First "Dump" cake

My apple pie filling was more then a year old
and needed to be used.
Had a devils food cake mix
that was begging to be baked.

Spray the pan
dump in the apple pie filling (I make my own)
dump in the cake mix
drizzle 3/4 cup of melted butter
and bake for an hour at 350.

It smelled heavenly.
The reviews will be in tomorrow.
Sorry, forgot the picture before taking it to the crowd!

Slow, Slow, Quick

Things are speeding up.
Spend yesterday at the Walk for Life.
Just me and about 500,000 of my friends.
It took me about thirty minuted to move from the mall
to Constitution Avenue
so we could march.
Crowded, but friendly!

I met an amazing woman lawyer from Cameroon.
We went through every topic in the book
from the Mexico agreement and how it affected her country
to the refugee status and borders.
We talked a very long time about the difference between
refugee and illegal immigrants.
It was enlightening from a different perspective.
We did have different perspectives,
since I grew up in the Southwest and
was a bit more familiar with the plight of the southern border people.
We solved nothing,
Exchanged numbers.
My hope is that I can help her help others.

And then, together, we joined the largest Human Rights march in the US.

Got home in time to field a call
for more food for the shelter nearby.
Cooked up a ton of pasta from my shelves
and delivered lunch today.
My coats from Black Friday are long gone
but socks are still on sale (if you need ideas for your shelter).

Spent some time discussing the implications of
the government shut down with my son.
He is a professor at a military academy.
It simply means he will be teaching more classes
and the cadets will spend more time cleaning their own spaces.
He will get paid sometime, but he loves his vocation.
Always a smile on that kid's lips.
How is it that our children are always kids- even after their 20's?

Getting ready to help my mother pull all of her electronics out
and connect them up.
What a mess!
Still, if I am that interested in the newest technology in my late 80's
that would be great!
We also are working on her giving up her car
and selling her vacation home.
Tall orders for the next few weeks.

February should slow, if the weather changes.
Hoping the weather changes.

I know that some of you reading are not on the same page as me politically.
No one I know is on that page :)
You have no idea, in general, where I am
but I am glad you are here.
Differing opinions on things is how our country works best.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Get Rich Slowly returns!

My writing of this diary blog began in 2006.
My husband had retired from the military
we had lived seven years in my family home state
and had moved to Kansas.
I started writing to keep track of the pace of life.

Kansas was sort of a do over.
We were struggling in many, many ways.
One was financially.
The first years I continued in a job that had me on the road,
with no complaints from me,
for about 200 nights a year.
That told us, both, our marriage was a mess.

Our children had moved away.
Both of us suffered, severely, with PTSD.
My sister's husband  and my husband's brother
were both suffering from the brutality that is cancer.
My dad was declining fast of Parkinson's
we were just holding on.
I do remember just trying to think of reasons to stay alive.

We were living paycheck to paycheck,
and making the most money
in our lives.

Blogs had just become a "thing".
Get rich slowly had just started up.
JD seemed like a nice enough guy.
Although I owed no money,
we had about $20,000 in savings for retirement
at the ages of 50 and 57.

And so JD's journey began, as did ours.
Although my husband never joined in the reading
he was willing to do what was needed to get on stable ground.

I quit the travel
and took a teaching job in town.
The three men passed, and then a sister in law.
Our daughter got married.

We followed three things: Mater Your Money by Ron Blue
Jane Bryant Quinn's Complete Money Book
and Get Rich Slowly.

We were well on our way when JD sold his blog in 2012
smooth sailing, never looking back
(OK- just a glance)
We stayed the course that JD set out
in our own way.
After twelve years of blogging I can say that we are solid in our plans
and our future
and our finances.
We are not rich,
as far as "rolling in the dough"
but I learned a lot from JD about how to think about money.

JD just bought back his blog in October!
His articles are solid.
He is one of the bet writers out there IMHO.
If you have any desire to rebuild or build further
you might consider getting on his feed.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Car trip with a dog

Being a military family
we have transported dogs across country and around the world.
Our bravest dog was Annie
She traveled from Australia to Hawaii to become our family member.

We transported her to Saudi Arabia.
She kept the workers out of our house and redid the kitchen when we left her too long.
Last, she moved with us to Flagstaff
As a shepherd, we thought she was much happier at 30 degrees then 120 degrees.

Most of the time we actually traveled, though,
our dogs have been kenneled.
(Well, there was that one 2400 mile Western tour
we did with Suzie the mastiff in the back seat.)

I digress.

Our last two moves we have transported the dogs in the front seat
with a platform of some sort
to help them see out the window.
Not ideal, but it worked for four days at a stretch.

Now our 20 lb, full of vim and vigor, Jack Russel

(who hates to travel)
will be in the truck with us.
The logistical nightmare will take some planning.
How about a platform made of storage areas for the back seat? 
If I take two of these boxes and cover the top with batting and flannel.
They might fit on either side of the bump in the well 
(Where everything disappears anyway).
What should I put on the bump?
Why hasn't anyone come up with a solution to this problem?
Heck, I am retired
what better time to figure it out.
I have a few months, after all.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Road Trip Experience?

My family is having a reunion
In Phoenix
We live
in Delaware

Did you know an average trip for two
to Phoenix
by plane
with a car
and a hotel
is about
Forget that!
We hate to fly and get sick almost every time.

We are going on a road trip!

As long as we are in the truck,
my husband wants to see Wyoming,
(Maybe we will live there one day,
so we need to see it. Of course that we are
in our 60's and have sworn that we will not
move for another 10 years means nothing.)
and his brother in Idaho,
and his sister in Lost Wages.

We have traveled most of the roads before
At different points of our lives.
We have basic expectations
no real schedule
and we have a reliable vehicle
which will be, for the most part, empty of heavy things
because we are staying in hotels.

is our friend
Indian owned
they will let us bring the dog!
We will also be looking at military base lodging along the way.

Our trip 6,000 mile trip will look a bit like this:
OK- stop laughing.
You have to keep in mind that I road tripped to Phoenix from Kansas
at least once a year before we moved.
My husband made five trips in a month to move us from
Kansas to Delaware.
Yes, the road is his friend.

The planning begins
I am finding my skills at packing for a month are sorely lacking
Without moving every 18 months, "Rusty" is my new middle name.
Pintrest is my new best friend.
Hubby is pretty good with trouble shooting the mechanics
We are good about sharing the driving.

What would you pack?
Time for the lists to begin!