Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Road Trip Experience?

My family is having a reunion
In Phoenix
We live
in Delaware

Did you know an average trip for two
to Phoenix
by plane
with a car
and a hotel
is about
Forget that!
We hate to fly and get sick almost every time.

We are going on a road trip!

As long as we are in the truck,
my husband wants to see Wyoming,
(Maybe we will live there one day,
so we need to see it. Of course that we are
in our 60's and have sworn that we will not
move for another 10 years means nothing.)
and his brother in Idaho,
and his sister in Lost Wages.

We have traveled most of the roads before
At different points of our lives.
We have basic expectations
no real schedule
and we have a reliable vehicle
which will be, for the most part, empty of heavy things
because we are staying in hotels.

is our friend
Indian owned
they will let us bring the dog!
We will also be looking at military base lodging along the way.

Our trip 6,000 mile trip will look a bit like this:
OK- stop laughing.
You have to keep in mind that I road tripped to Phoenix from Kansas
at least once a year before we moved.
My husband made five trips in a month to move us from
Kansas to Delaware.
Yes, the road is his friend.

The planning begins
I am finding my skills at packing for a month are sorely lacking
Without moving every 18 months, "Rusty" is my new middle name.
Pintrest is my new best friend.
Hubby is pretty good with trouble shooting the mechanics
We are good about sharing the driving.

What would you pack?
Time for the lists to begin!


Barbara - said...

Well first of all, one of the many joys of road tripping is that you can take what you want and as much of what you want within reason. I've been known to take a full season of clothing on a long road trip. First, youll want to make sure you have your car prepared for everything including breaking down which means blankets and water and such.

I take one large suitcase and some hanging clothes which lay down (those racks in the back seat of the car drive me crazy). I take a large good quality picnic cooler , the kind that has glasses and plates and such and we eat using that at a rest stop. I pack an small overnight bag for each person that contains their toiletries and has room for pjs and the next day's clothing. If you try and bring every piece of luggage into your room every night you'll go crazy. Each day pull an outfit from my very organized suitcase, throw it in the overnight bag and leave everything else except the large purse that has the tech stuff in the car. I have an empty suitcase rather than a bag for washable stuff.

So his large suitcase, her large suitcase, laundry bag or case, two overnight bags and two of those "personal items" like purses and a large cooler to save money on food.Ill commment later on clothes as such.

Janette said...

A good start. My hubby is the king of breakdown ready. No real worries there.
I just started to think about---laundry! Maybe 6 days on the road and one day in the hotel doing laundry?
Pack a blouse, socks and panties in a baggie for each day? Six days and start again. Roll of quarters and washing machine pods have been added to my list. I'll have to give my pjs a look over--they are sad at this point.
Maybe a small fireproof lock box for valuables (extra ID/ccard/cash/ insurance stuff) ? Am I overthinking this? Thirty days is a long time!
We are considering camp chairs, lanterns, small stove for just in case. I am making sheet sleep sacks for hotels that turn out not to be exactly as clean as we would wish.
How about the dog? There is a cool dog bed that you can strap in----but she does not sleep in a dog bed now....
Hummm- lots to think about.
Thanks Barbara!

Regine Karpel said...


Barbara - said...

Well, I do my dog like this (with my suv0. He stays in the back, not strapped in. I put two unneeded or rarely needed things in between the back seat and the front seat so he does not fall. I stuff something like an old winter scraft or a soft sleep neck pillow into the center consol so that it holds the cover thing "up" if that makes any sense, so that he cannot creep into the front. He is a creepr. then He rests his chin on that and looks out the front window but does not get in the way of my elbow. And I leave the leash off until we stop because I'm afraid of choking.

However, he is good enough that he can be left in a hotel room for brief periods of time. Not long enough for a formal restaurant meal, but long enough for a panera or a pick up or for me to go down and use the pool for fifteen minutes. So we dont carry a cage. And we have this way of putting his very deep water bowl between pillows so he can have it while driving, but it took me a very long time to come up with that system, lo. I do it because I prefer to drve with no jacket on in a warmer car.

slugmama said...

How we did the packing for our month long road trip last Summer was we each had a big suitcase and a small duffle bag like container. As the bulk of the trip was traveling daily we put two days worth of clothing in the duffle(2 day outfits and 1 pj). Also take a laundry bag(we used a plastic garbage bag since I didn't want to buy a laundry bag)for dirty clothes. As the duffle clothing gets used you open up the suitcase and replace so you are just toting one small bag into the hotel.
I've seen another packing system where you put one day's clothing into a plastic bag and pack those, just retrieving a bag each night.

According to your route it's going to be hard to see Wyoming if you don't actually travel through Wyoming. ;-)
We liked Wyoming where we went through and we hit it at different places coming and going to Idaho.

Janette said...

;). Wyoming, yes, I forgot to put Buffalo on the map quest! Freudian slip? Probably!
(Un) fortunately, we will be staying a week in Buffalo and Sheridan Wyoming. My husband grew up in Idaho, so we know the lower part of Wyoming pretty well. I love it, he would like to be "in the middle of nowhere". @@
You and Barbara have both suggested the two suitcase idea. We both carry backpacks all of the time, those would be good for our small duffles. I am liking the pack a small bag in idea.
Since we will be in a truck, I am pretty sure our "big suitcases" will actually be plastic bins. Anyone who thinks about taking them will see that they only contain clothes. Have to think about how to haul dirty clothes. Maybe another bin.... The back of the truck does not really lock so anything of little value will be back there---our clothes, camp chairs, water and a bit of inexpensive camp equipment. The tools, cooler and more valuable items will be in the cab.
So much to think about.

slugmama said...

OO! I wanted to stay at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo on our trip but logistics didn't work out that way. I don't think your dog would be welcomed there tho.....
We really liked Thermopolis area but Eastern upper Wy near Badlands was just too touristy in the Summer for our taste.
Down near Fort Laramie was pretty "middle of nowhere" too and they don't get much snow from what the B&B folks there said.
Have fun!

Janette said...

Thanks! I will look into all of those places.