Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Found Money

You know those friendly blog reminders to look for found money?
What the heck, might as well log on.

A state that we never lived in had a flag on it for me.
It did not have a sum
but it did have a telephone number.

Called it.
The young man on the other end explained that
 I, in fact, did have "unclaimed money" in the state coffers.
I asked him to look at the amount and tell me whether he would apply for it.
He did not hesitate.
Yup. Well worth doing the documentation for.

There were several hoops to jump through.
Fortunately, I had already suffered getting every piece of documentation
that existed to prove that I was a citizen in order to get a Delaware driver's license.
All of that paperwork was close by. Off it went in the mail.

It arrived today, ten weeks later.
Twenty five years ago my grandfather left me shares in a company.
It paid a quarterly dividend.
That company is long gone,
but there were two dividend checks that could not find me in 1996.
We moved in early 1996 home from Saudi.

For some reason they ended up in Maryland.
Maybe that is where all overseas service member undeliverable mail goes to die.
Maryland cashed the checks for me and used a part of the interest.

Maryland should not be in debt!
The check that I received was a bit over 10X the original amount
and that is the part "I" made off of the money.
Good job Maryland!

The check is not mind blowing
except the shock that it even existed.
It will not change my life
but it will be nice to do some things I have put on the back burner.
And I already put the taxes that I will need to pay on it in a savings account.
WOOOO HOOO! Found money!
Now, go log onto that website.


Terra said...

What an unexpected surprise. I check those sites occasionally just to see.

slugmama said...

Well what's the website link.

Janette said...

Here is the one I used

Tom Sightings said...

Good for you -- have fun spending it! I checked it out a while ago and found I had money waiting for me through ... I think it was called Upromise, some kind of points earned for certain products purchased that would be applied to our college savings plan. But I knew it was only a few dollars (probably less than $10) and so I didn't bother following up.

Kimberly said...

WOW that is great!!