Sunday, September 23, 2018

Wyoming and the planning continues

My trail run of my suitcase and bag have been completed.
We did 8 days of travel through Wyoming last week.
It was beautiful.
I packed for fall and ended up in summer.

My next trip is for 10 days
in Phoenix
This time I will pack for summer
and probably get fall.

The suit case pack worked with packing cubes.
Next trip will include compression cubes.
Stuff sack for dirty clothes worked better then expected.

Wyoming is either prairie grass
or mountains
Oregon Trail Ruts

 Fall in the mountains

 Medicine Bow Mountains
Red Hills outside of Buffalo

Tower Falls Yellowstone

Dinosaur Digs near Thermopolis
 Yellowstone Big Horn Sheep

 Billy Goats
And Pronghorn everywhere


Tom Sightings said...

I spent several days in Wyoming this past summer ... beautiful country and friendly people. I think I walked in those Oregon Trail ruts -- near Ft. Laramie, right?

Janette said...

Golly, I don't remember the place. That is one big state (and I am from Arizona). It was the first time my husband had a deep appreciation of his family history though. He has never coached me in a picture. He could not believe that his great grands had pushed their way through that area.
Thanks for continuing to stop by. Sorry I am so slow with the comments.

Dr Sock said...

Great photos!