Sunday, December 02, 2018

Seven more cards and I am done!

Shopping for my family for Christmas is a marathon.
Done in six or seven short days
we gather from the need list and find it on sale.
Then we do a bit of the want list.

Legos, Games and winter gear are the big items this year.
10% off Target gift cards have been purchased
both for the mail man, the garbage men
 and the three new grand nieces/nephews
arriving in the next few months.

My mother's gift is always the most complicated.
The task I chose about four years ago
was to purchase, address and stamp and label with dates
birthday cards for her
to send out for the entire year.
With her family (from the five kids) growing to 38 this year
Five kids+three spouses,
Ten grands + six spouses
Fourteen great grands (12 here and 2 due)
it is almost a task that is beyond me.
But, it is almost done.

Screen shot from Things Remembered site.

Once those are in the mail
my life will quietly move into
holiday cheer.
Zoo lights National Zoo
Love the movie

Advent Wreath- Amazon


Bonnie said...

What a wonderful gift for your Mom!!

Terra said...

Thoughtful and useful gift for your mom.

Christina said...

I still think that's the most awesome gift!

Tom Sightings said...

Uh oh, you've got me thinking ... I'd better start shopping.

Janette said...

Still shopping. Still not done. Dod find terrific sale on beanies for the men at the food bank- lol. I need to keep out of stores!