Tuesday, January 01, 2019

2019 goals


1) Travel to more then three places out of the ordinary
   One trip is planned
     Beginning to plan the October trip by the end of the month
      Still musing over the Christmas trip next year.

2) Visit the Maryland grands twice a month
      and the New York ones every other month.

       Feb is planned for New York already.

3) Get my packing down. Carry on instead of checking

4) Walk four days a week
    Took the doggie out today. By the time we passed three houses
she turned around and tugged to go home. At 11 (about 90 in dog years)
I gave her the leash and off we went

Tomorrow- no dog.

5) Swim twice a week through January, continue if the goal is met!

6) Moderation in all things for food.
Maybe I can shed a few more pounds as a side note.

7) Visit my mom three times in the year (UGGG-- I dislike Phoenix intensely- but I do love my mother, so I will go). First trip at the end of the month.

8) Begin planting my herb garden and learning how to dry the herbs I grow.

9) Have two no spending days a month- expanding to four.
     That grocery budget is driving me crazy

10) Spend pay raises on travel only.

11) Read, at least , two books a month.
 I am finishing The Road, the Rock and the Rabbi. Since it is a reference for our trip, it will stay on my Kindle.  Sister Queens was started this morning.  I'll continue finding biblical passages for research for places we will visit and incorporate that into my daily prayer.

12). Write, at least half, the historical fiction about my family since the 1600's
       Actually, I told my mom I would write about her father's family since the 1600's
       Herbert had been an orphan-placed on the orphan train to the West. I have done a ton of research and found  his family and how he ended up on his own. Then I tracked his mother's family back to pirates from England in the 1600's. The research is great reading---not sure if I can write it.  I promise, my real writing and phrasing is much better in a formal setting.

Twelve Goals.  All of them are very attainable. Wish me luck!

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Good Luck!